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Case Dismissed

Client was accused of multiple counts of child abuse. After Interacting with the District attorney’s office. All charges were dropped.

TRO Dismissed

Client was being accused by his neighbor of harassment. Firmed handled response and the Restraining Order was dismissed at trial.

TRO Dismissed

Client was being accused of assault by her roommate. Firm fought the Temporary Restraining Order in court and won in favor of our client.

Charges Reduced

Client was facing 15 years to life in Prison for multiple Felonies. After preparing for trial our firm was able to secure an offer that allowed our client to be placed into probation and avoid any jailtime.

Trial Victory

Client had received multiple offers from the prosecution in an attempt to settle the case. Firm advised client not accept any offers and fight the case. All charges dismissed at trial.

Charges not filed.

Client was under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. Police were looking for client to detain and interrogate. After client retained our firm, we were able to avoid an arrest and after interacting with DA and Law Enforcement, case was closed and no charges were ever filed.

Not Guilty On All Counts

Client was charged with Burglary and 2nd degree Murder. Jury fully acquitted client after less than one day of deliberations.

Charges Reduced

Felony DUI with Serious Injury reduced to 3 years probation

Not Guilty

Client was charged with Child molestation of his step daughter. Not guilty through trial.

Not Guilty

Client was charged with 3 counts of armed robbery. All charges dismissed at trial.

Charges Not Filed

Client was accused of stealing over 150,000 from his employer. After carful negotiations with his employer and the District Attorneys office, no charges were ever filed against him.

Charges Reduced

14 drug charges, with prior convictions client was facing many years in prison all dismissed before trial

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